World Cup - place to stay

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World Cup - place to stay

09.05.2006 20:49

Hello SV Hamburg fans.

Sorry for posting this in English. My German is very poor.

I am a supporter of Manchester City FC and England. A friend (a Newcastle United fan) and I are visiting Germany for the forthcoming World Cup finals. We will be in Hamburg for one night on Monday 26th June and we are looking for somewhere to stay.

Can anyone recommend somewhere cheap for us to stay for this one night? We would rather stay with German people than stay in hotels or hostels.

We have already got places to stay in Koln, Berlin and Gelsenkirchen with German families but are also looking for places we can stay in Munich and Stuttgart. We’re only looking to stay for a one or two nights in each place at the most. So we wouldn’t intrude too much.

It’s got to be as cheap as possible and any kind of bed, campbed, lilo, sofa, floor space, spare room or garage will do!

Don’t worry we are friendly and sociable (like to drink beer) and we are not English hooligans.

If you can help me e-mail me on



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